The Alpine Marmot Project

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Visit the Alpine Marmot Project with an Earthwatch expedition, and get to know the amazing alpine marmots!

By joining an Earthwatch expedition to the Alpine Marmot Project, you can assist to examine how and why the environment impacts Alpine marmots, get involved in both our biodiversity survey and our initiatives in raising people awarness on challenges alpine biodsiversity is actually facing

On the expedition, joining your experienced field team assistants, you will help observe 26 families of marmots in the stuning Grande Sassière Nature reserve. You will learn the techniques of capture-mark-recapture, of behavioral observations such as focal sampling, as well as how to map marmots’ burrows. This data will help evaluate how climate change affects the survival of all individuals from pups to adults as well as the reproduction of adults. Supplementing the marmots studies, you will help conduct biodiversity and phenology plant surveys. You will also help outreach efforts to raise public awarness on climate change consequences – all this against a backdrop of red foxes, chamois, ibex, golden eagles, bearded vultures and many other mammals and birds in an astonsishing alpine landscape.

For further details of joining an  Earthwatch expedition to the Alpine Marmot Project please click on the Eathwatch logo below: